13 Jul 2014

How To Maximize The Potential Of Your Solar Panels

In the United States the use of solar panels is increasing rapidly as individuals are seeing their neighbors with utility bills much lower as solar panels are added to their home. In states such as Arizona and
13 Jul 2014

5 High Tech Ways To Slash Your Utility Bill

Just about everyone I know is searching for ways to save money; from clipping coupons to changing light bulbs to unplugging items not in use. Fortunately some of the things we can do to save money are
13 Jul 2014

3 Technologies That Are Revolutionizing Green Homes

There is intense debate going on today in regards to the environment, and what we can do to help sustain the planet we live on. Recycling aluminum cans and plastic bags and bottles are a good start,
12 Jul 2014

Marine Biologist Discover Coral Is Surprisingly Acid-Resistant

The preservation of the world’s coral reef is an ever-longing topic that many marine biologists feel very strongly about. If you have ever seen a coral reef in person, you have probably found that is extremely beautiful
12 Jul 2014

Emerging Diagnostic Technologies Give Doctors Impressive New Capabilities

When you think of the latest and greatest technology you might think of the next generation of smart phone, gaming console, or perhaps high-tech cars that contain features never-seen-before, but really technology is advancing rapidly in other
12 Jul 2014

Scientific “Bodies” Expedition Sparks Controversy Over Use Of Executed Criminals

Have you ever thought of donating your body to science? If so, you might be a little freaked out as to where your may end up. Rather than sitting in the morticians office for years and years,
12 Jul 2014

Stem Cell Research Demonstrates Ability To Repair Damaged Hearts In Monkeys

Do you find yourself fascinated by modern medical technology? If so, then you should be very interested to know that the hot topic of stem cell research has reached a huge milestone in the medical world. For
18 Jun 2014

Employment options for an audio engineer

Most employers want someone who has at least a bachelor’s degree in audio engineering. Working in audio engineering requires technical expertise in working with all different types of technology. As an audio engineer you may be required
17 Jun 2014

Healers In Short Supply

  There is currently a shortage of pediatricians which means that children can suffer delays in getting the right diagnosis and treatment plans. Millions of children are suffering delays in getting helped from well qualified health professionals
17 Jun 2014

Death: An Occupational Hazard

Morticians deal with death on a day to day basis. Their job is to prepare a body for funeral and make sure that the funeral goes smoothly and to plan. Death is such an emotive subject and
17 Jun 2014

Giving Your Head And Heart A Break

Both cardiologists and neurologists can enjoy a well-paid, interesting and rewarding career. Whichever path you choose to study you should be aware that it can take up to 14 years of studying to specialise in either of
29 May 2014

A Brief History Of ECG Technology

Electrocardiography (partially derived from the word Kardia which is Greek for heart) is a device which records the activity of the heart. Electrodes are placed in various locations around the chest and record the electrical activity of
26 May 2014

Even Musicians Need a Lawyer

There are many types of law you can practice in the music industry. Working in the music industry can be very exciting and lucrative, but there are always legal issues that need tending to. Entertainment lawyers are
26 May 2014

Children with Autism Respond Well to Music Therapy

Everybody has seen or heard of someone having a child with autism. Autism is a very hard thing for parents to deal with as a child is growing up. Autism seriously impairs a child’s communication abilities and
26 May 2014

So You Want to Be a Music Producer

The most coveted job in the music industry other than being an artist is that of the producer. Everybody has a good idea of what a producer is but for the few that don’t we are going
26 May 2014

Could Braces Become A Thing Of The Past?

It won’t be too long before those “railroad track” type braces are no longer used. For those who want to straighten their teeth but do not want unsightly metal in their mouth or the pain that goes
13 May 2014

Adding a New Sparkle to Dental Hygiene

Everyday, various fields receive the brightest up-and-coming students that are aspiring to find careers in their given scope. One of the biggest things that foundations, organizations, and businesses can do to help bring in more students of
13 May 2014

Looking At the Future Clearly

A new use of the internet will help diabetic patients see more clearly. Diabetes ravages the body in many different ways resulting in skin disorders, foot problems and sight issues.  Optometrists are now able to detect an
13 May 2014

Technology Uses and Abuses

Most people can use a computer.  Many households have at least one.  Computers are amazing and have literally saved lives when used in the medical field. Advances in tele-radiography and tele-ophthalmology have allowed many more people to