Month: November 2019

Know About How To Choose Best Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are individual products, you need to select and configure them for a specific user. If you don’t want to risk your health, but live a life full of sounds, contact specialists for the best hearing aids calgary. The function of a specialist usually takes place within an hour, does not cause discomfort and is painless. So, here are the main steps to take:

  • Data collection

The process of selecting a hearing aids begins with a study of the patient’s medical history and lifestyle. The doctor needs to collect all data like: how long a hearing injury occurred, how quickly it progressed, what treatment was used. The more data, the easier it is to find the most suitable model for hearing aids in calgary. Do not be surprised when a specialist at a hearing aid clinic at calgary asks about your profession and hobbies.

  • Diagnostics

Many are involved in how an audiologist tests a hearing. Basic diagnostics are: otoscopy and audiometry.

Otoscopy- It is an examination of the external auditory canal and eardrum of each ear using an otoscope. This is a simple and painless procedure. It is necessary to identify possible causes of hearing loss, to make a forecast of the effectiveness and the possibility of hearing replacement.

Audiometry – determination of hearing thresholds. Special headphones are put on to the patient and signals corresponding to different frequency ranges with different intensities are given. The patient’s task is to press a button or say hear, at the moment when he heard this sound. The study is carried out separately in the right and left ear. It is important that the patient responds at the lowest intensity (volume) of this sound. This will be the threshold of audibility – the quietest sound that a person hears at this frequency.

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In order to get the most correct data, some tips are here:

– Understand the essence of your task – press the button every time you hear a sound, even if it is heard very quietly;

– Try not to worry and relax – the specialist will double-check all the thresholds several times

– Do not try to “decorate” the real state of affairs. Unfortunately, this happens, the patient begins to worry that he has a “really bad hearing” and starts to press the button, even if he did not hear the signal at all.

Speech test – A specialist calls words from special test tables and determines how much speech intelligibility is reduced. Such a test took place almost every time when the doctor “whispers” the words, and you need to repeat them correctly.

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  • Practical diagnostics

In the case when hearing replacement is indicated, the specialist at audiology clinics in calgary diagnoses the effectiveness of the use of hearing aids. The patient is put on test hearing aids, usually equipped with the maximum number of functions. These devices have a built-in technology for monitoring auditory thresholds – a sensogram that checks how the patient hears in the devices. Since it is planned to wear the devices, not the headphones, so it is important how he reacts to the sounds presented in the devices. The next stage is the speech test in the devices. After setting up test hearing aids calgary. The specialist checks how much the patient, with hearing aids, has improved speech intelligibility. For more details about hearing aids click here!