Why Invest

Why Invest in SemBioSys?

Our plant technology offers dramatic scalability and economic advantages compared to existing production methods. We believe that these same advantages which drive our pharmaceutical opportunities also open new non-pharmaceutical markets in the areas of agricultural biotechnology, nutritional supplements and personal care ingredients.

Our technology uses the natural manufacturing advantages of safflower to produce, extract and purify high-value, high-volume products from plants as an alternative to the traditional fermentation-based processes used today. We believe that this technology will produce a cost-effective source of pharmaceutical proteins which could provide access to life-saving therapies to underserved markets in Asia and the developing world.

Thanks to our strong leadership we’re already seeing positive results. Our plant-derived insulin is on the verge of entering clinical trials and as such, is one step closer to being engaged in a partnership. Our cardiovascular innovation, Apo AIMilanois currently in preclinical testing, the results from which could attract significant interest from pharmaceutical companies. While these two products represent long-term success, in the short-term, our subsidiary Botaneco and its in-market and growing line-up of personal care products is delivering value.

Insulin Opportunity

Described as the epidemic of the 21st century, diabetes is expanding at a rate of one new diagnosis every five seconds and is expected to grow to over 380 million by 2025. The increasing incidence of diabetes is expected to almost double insulin demand over the next 5 years and grow the global insulin market to approximately $15 billion (US) by 2012. SemBioSys is developing transgenic safflower as a new source of human insulin. Plant-produced insulin has the potential to offer unparalleled scalability and superior production economics compared to currently available recombinant insulin.

Apo AI Opportunity

Drugs positioned in the cholesterol and triglyceride management market are the single largest class of prescription pharmaceuticals, with global sales in 2007 exceeding US$34 billion. Apo AI and Apo AIMilano┬átarget this market as the basis for a new class of cardiovascular therapy that mimics the body’s good cholesterol (HDL) to rapidly remove plaque build-up from patients’ arteries, something not possible with any current drug therapy. SemBioSys is uniquely positioned to address the volume and manufacturing constraints associated with Apo AI-based therapy and enable the clinical application of this promising new class of therapeutics.

Personal Care Opportunity

The natural ingredient segment of the personal care market is growing at a rate of 10-15% annually. Global retail personal care sales in 2006 were US$354 billion and the global personal care ingredient market sales were US$18 billion. Botaneco naturally extracts oilbodies from safflower seeds to produce a base emulsion, currently sold as Hydresia™ and Hydresia™G2 with superior hydration, skin conditioning and moisturization properties compared to traditional ingredients. Hydresia™ acts as a natural emulsifier that replaces the need for synthetic ingredients and simplifies the formulation process, thereby reducing production costs and accelerating product development. There is a significant opportunity around natural Hydresia™ based ingredients and dozens of personal care / cosmetic companies are currently evaluating the technology.