Alternate Careers in Medical Science

Alternate Careers in Medical Science

When you are seeking a career in the medical field it can be difficult to decide which one is the best option for you. They all can be rewarding and also pay very well. Being able to help others for a living can be a fulfilling career choice. It takes a very special kind of person with a unique skill set to be able to work in medical science. Technicians are needed just as much as doctors and are equally as important. Here are two technician career choices and who knows, one might be the right one for you.

Dialysis Technician

A dialysis technician is someone who is responsible for assisting with the process of dialysis. Dialysis is a medical procedure that removes waste from the blood as well as excess fluids for individuals with kidney disease or failure. Technicians are responsible for operating all of the machines and making sure the patients are monitored during their treatment. Dialysis technicians are also called patient care technicians and have a lot of responsibilities. Assisting individuals in renal failure and making sure their tests go smoothly, are just the tip of the iceberg.

If you want to become a dialysis technician, you must get your high school diploma and then complete an approved training or degree program in the field. Most states require certification as well as clinical experience. Many schools have dialysis technology programs available. These degree programs typically take about 18 months to complete.

EKG Technician

EKG technicians are responsible for performing diagnostic tests in an effort to help doctors identify and treat heart problems in patients. The tests help to detect irregularities in the heart that may cause heart disease or a heart attack. An EKG technician explains the procedures to patients as well as closely monitoring their blood pressure during the procedure. There are some occasions where they will have to turn the patients over or move them.

It is best to get a degree or certificate in the field before seeking it as a profession. Many EKG technicians learn via on-the-job training as well as through certificate and degree programs. Employers typically seek individuals who have successfully completed the certificate degree program before applying for employment.


Both of the careers listed above are not only rewarding but have a lot of benefits that come with them. They both require hard work and a certain skill set that not everybody can obtain. Now that you understand what the responsibilities entail, you might be interested in pursuing a career as an EKG technician or a dialysis technician. They both would be excellent choices for individuals interested in medical science. Hope on board a career in the medical field today.

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