Are You Killing Your Credit Score?

Are You Killing Your Credit Score?

You may think that it is difficult to obtain a credit card because of your bad credit but that isn’t always the case. Many credit card companies understand that life happens and that people are not simply credit scores. A lot of credit card companies these days want to help you to be able to rebuild your credit because as we all know, nobody is perfect. There are a number of different options available for people who have less than perfect credit or even bad credit. No matter what you are seeking, there are ways around all of your credit woes.

Credit card companies do not want to give a credit card to someone who cannot pay their monthly bill. So having a good credit score is important if you want to be offered a credit card with a good interest rate. A credit score is determined by weighing out different aspects of a credit rating such as amount of credit history, number of different credit inquiries, years with credit history, and so on.

If you do not have the best credit there may be some options available for you. Your best bet is to start out with a secured credit card if you have bad credit. This will help to reestablish your credit and if you make timely payments even give you the opportunity to obtain an unsecured card. Credit card companies such as Capital One and First Premier Bank both offer secured card options for their customers with the option to move up to an unsecured credit card with six months of on time payments. Both of these cards have low annual fees and report to all credit agencies.

Most credit cards these days offer you the option to receive cash back. However there are certain factors that you should probably consider. You must first determine how much money you will get back and compare that to the other rewards. One big one that most consumers forget to consider is the fees that are involved with the withdrawals. Those can really add up if you aren’t paying close attention. If there are any giveaways or gimmicks you want to know what they are and what they are worth. Do not simply sign up for a gimmick or prize, 9 times out of 10 you will be disappointed. You may also want to find out what the withdrawal limits are and if they are monthly, yearly, and how it works in general.

No matter what your credit score is there is always an option to get you back on your feet. Make sure you keep track of your credit score and any changes to your credit report. It is crucial for your future and can impact many future plans you have for you and your family.

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