Our Solution For Personal Care

The Problem

There is a high demand for all-natural ingredients for the personal care industry that perform as well, if not better than current synthetic ingredients.

The Solution

SemBioSys has developed an all-natural process to extract oilbodies (oleosomes) from safflower seeds resulting in a base emulsion with superior hydration, skin conditioning and moisturization properties compared to traditional ingredients such as petrolatum or chemical and animal byproducts.

This base emulsion, currently sold as Hydresia™ or Hydresia™G2, can also act as a natural cold-process emulsifier, which dramatically simplifies formulation development while reducing manufacturing costs.

What We Have Accomplished

In 2007 Botaneco was formed as a specialty ingredients subsidiary of SemBioSys, dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of personal care ingredients. Its first product, Hydresia™, has been marketed for some time and is performing well in the marketplace. Botaneco recently launched its second generation oleosome product, Hydresia™ G2, which allows for the development of a wider variety of products in global markets.

Burt’s Bees became Botaneco’s first international brand customer in January 2008, launching two body washes and a hand soap in North America containing Hydresia™.

Botaneco is also working with Croda Enterprise Technology to evaluate the ability of Botaneco’s technology to improve the stability and versatility of Echium plantagineum (Echium) oil, which contains healthy omega-3 fatty acids, in food, personal care and dietary supplement markets.

What We Are Working On

Beyond the benefits as a personal care product ingredient, oilbodies hold the potential to act as a carrier and delivery system for pharmaceutical products. Botaneco’s strategy is to leverage the commercialization of Hydresia™ to enter into the over-the-counter (OTC) and topical pharmaceutical markets with oleosomes.