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Why Should You Grow Hemp?

With the passing of Farm bill 2018, hemp was not anymore considered as the Scheduled I controlled substance. This acted as a green signal for the cultivation of hemp.

Hemps has been grown since ancient time due to its versatile nature- for its health benefits and versatile nature. Due to some likeliness to marijuana, it became illegal in the year 1937. However, the Farm bill 2018 treats hemp as an agricultural commodity.

In recent years, increased interest in cultivating hemp has been noticed as it is used to produce CBD oil. CBD oil is very useful in cancer treatments in marijuana clinics in Canada.

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How can one grow help all-round the year?

Hemp requires a warm temperature to grow. It can be grown under a controlled environment of a greenhouse all-round the year. You can control the amount of sunlight received by your plants and make them grow even in the winter season. You can even increase the production of CBD used in Canada marijuana clinic by controlling the climate of the system.

Shoo the pests away

Managing pests in a greenhouse become much easier than controlling them in a field. Especially, when you are cultivating crops for CBD production for a Canada marijuana clinic. The hemp grown in fields is susceptible to birds, bugs, and rodents. The farmers will have to use pesticides to kill the pests. This will increase the cost of the crop besides being unhealthy to the environment or the user.

Location plays an important role

While planning to grow hemp in a greenhouse, the space of the greenhouse and its location are important parameters to be considered. A sun-facing greenhouse will receive ample sunlight which will cut down your energy costs while reducing the requirement of supplementary lighting.

Consider the structure of your greenhouse

Choose the structure of the greenhouse which is most economical and practical for the production of hemp. Choose a structure which can be expanded easily whenever necessary.

A poly-connected greenhouse serves as a versatile option for the cultivation of all the crops. It can be extended whenever necessary and is an economical greenhouse option for cultivators who grow on a large scale. Gutter vents and natural ventilators make an efficient system of airflow in a poly-connected greenhouse.

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On the other hand, a cold frame greenhouse is a cost-effective method for growing hemp all year round. Greenhouse-grade poly covers the hoop houses and natural ventilation or fans are responsible for the airflow in cold frame greenhouse. The cold frame greenhouse is a preferable choice for an initial-stage cultivator.

Do not forget to Consider blackout curtains

The hemp plants demand total darkness during their flowering stage if they are being grown for CBD production. Light-deprivation curtains or blackout curtains make sure that no light enters the greenhouse. A continuous period of 12 hours of total darkness is required by the plant to force itself to flower. The blackout curtains can be installed easily. Make sure that all the areas are covered with the blackout curtains to ensure that no light enters the greenhouse.