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11 Aug 2014

What Will The Music Of The Future Sound Like?

There was a time when music consisted of sticks being banged on rocks, or humming noises coming from deep within. The people of Egypt added flutes and harps to the mix, creating beautiful melodic sounds never before
12 Jul 2014

Emerging Diagnostic Technologies Give Doctors Impressive New Capabilities

When you think of the latest and greatest technology you might think of the next generation of smart phone, gaming console, or perhaps high-tech cars that contain features never-seen-before, but really technology is advancing rapidly in other
12 Jul 2014

Scientific “Bodies” Expedition Sparks Controversy Over Use Of Executed Criminals

Have you ever thought of donating your body to science? If so, you might be a little freaked out as to where your may end up. Rather than sitting in the morticians office for years and years,
12 Jul 2014

Stem Cell Research Demonstrates Ability To Repair Damaged Hearts In Monkeys

Do you find yourself fascinated by modern medical technology? If so, then you should be very interested to know that the hot topic of stem cell research has reached a huge milestone in the medical world. For