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7 Sep 2016

Reviewing my husband’s last year horrific car accident and his road to recovery

Last year my husband was involved in a freak road crash where his car was involved in a pile up on the highway. His car was the first to smash into two cars that had crashed and
7 Sep 2016

Measures that ensure a healthy pregnancy period for the mother and child

Pregnant women are a category of people who are very sensitive when it comes to health matters. This is a category of people which needs special kinds of nutrients that will help them sustain healthy bodies while
28 Feb 2015

What Product Will Guard Your Mouth?

Bruxism (teeth grinding) is a condition in which a person grinds, gnashes, or clenches their teeth. More often than not individuals are doing this unconsciously while they are asleep or even during the day. Most doctors and
10 Dec 2014

Making it Sure the Baby Breathes Easy

One of the most important moments of your life is when your baby takes his first breath. It is the moment that every parent dreams of, and hopes for. To ensure that this first breath is all
17 Jun 2014

Healers In Short Supply

  There is currently a shortage of pediatricians which means that children can suffer delays in getting the right diagnosis and treatment plans. Millions of children are suffering delays in getting helped from well qualified health professionals
17 Jun 2014

Giving Your Head And Heart A Break

Both cardiologists and neurologists can enjoy a well-paid, interesting and rewarding career. Whichever path you choose to study you should be aware that it can take up to 14 years of studying to specialise in either of
26 May 2014

Children with Autism Respond Well to Music Therapy

Everybody has seen or heard of someone having a child with autism. Autism is a very hard thing for parents to deal with as a child is growing up. Autism seriously impairs a child’s communication abilities and