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13 Jul 2014

How To Maximize The Potential Of Your Solar Panels

In the United States the use of solar panels is increasing rapidly as individuals are seeing their neighbors with utility bills much lower as solar panels are added to their home. In states such as Arizona and
13 Jul 2014

5 High Tech Ways To Slash Your Utility Bill

Just about everyone I know is searching for ways to save money; from clipping coupons to changing light bulbs to unplugging items not in use. Fortunately some of the things we can do to save money are
13 Jul 2014

3 Technologies That Are Revolutionizing Green Homes

There is intense debate going on today in regards to the environment, and what we can do to help sustain the planet we live on. Recycling aluminum cans and plastic bags and bottles are a good start,
12 Jul 2014

Marine Biologist Discover Coral Is Surprisingly Acid-Resistant

The preservation of the world’s coral reef is an ever-longing topic that many marine biologists feel very strongly about. If you have ever seen a coral reef in person, you have probably found that is extremely beautiful
12 Jul 2014

Emerging Diagnostic Technologies Give Doctors Impressive New Capabilities

When you think of the latest and greatest technology you might think of the next generation of smart phone, gaming console, or perhaps high-tech cars that contain features never-seen-before, but really technology is advancing rapidly in other
12 Jul 2014

Scientific “Bodies” Expedition Sparks Controversy Over Use Of Executed Criminals

Have you ever thought of donating your body to science? If so, you might be a little freaked out as to where your may end up. Rather than sitting in the morticians office for years and years,
12 Jul 2014

Stem Cell Research Demonstrates Ability To Repair Damaged Hearts In Monkeys

Do you find yourself fascinated by modern medical technology? If so, then you should be very interested to know that the hot topic of stem cell research has reached a huge milestone in the medical world. For
13 May 2014

Adding a New Sparkle to Dental Hygiene

Everyday, various fields receive the brightest up-and-coming students that are aspiring to find careers in their given scope. One of the biggest things that foundations, organizations, and businesses can do to help bring in more students of