Cloud Storage for Handheld Devices

mobile_cloudCloud Storage seems to be the new watch word of the internet world; and there are a few major players when it comes to storage abilities. The main choices are Dropbox,, Google Drive and SkyDrive. But, which is the best for handheld devices.

Currently, Dropbox is currently considered the king of cloud storage, and while it initially offers a paltry 2GB – yes, two gigabytes – of storage, a user has the option of inviting friends and colleagues to install and use the software in order to get extra space, after they’ve click on your personal affiliate link. Dropbox is the choice of many colleges and universities for collaboration and submission of assignments from students. However, in order to use Dropbox on a handheld device, you must first install Bluebox, a free app that allows you to access but not sync with the desktop version of your Dropbox. So any changes made to the item on the mobile device will not show up on the desktop version. (now called has a free account available, providing 10GB storage with a file download of 250MB at a time. It works with mobile platforms as well, and in fact, you can tap them within the Box for easier access. Simply tap the mobile device listed, and then tap the file to be opened. When you are ready to upload to the main desktop, the appropriate application will open ask if you would like to upload new version.

SkyDrive is Microsoft’s answer to Dropbox. Windows Phone and Live users have SkyDrive, which gives its users seven gigabytes of free space, and will often give extra storage incentives when their Windows phone or Xbox is configured and activated. While there is no dedicated app for SkyDrive to use with mobile devices, there are some third party apps that work with your SkyDrive account. Should you require more storage, 20GB is $10 yearly; 50GB is $25 per year and 100GB is $50 per year.

Google also produced an email accessed Cloud storage solution, called Google Drive, which also can be easily accessed on an Android phone as a separate app. It also gives you 5GB free storage from the start and if you require more storage, you can buy it – 25GB costs $2.49/month, 100GB costs $4.99 per month, and 200GB will cost you $9.99 a month.

However, if none of these choices interest you, there is still one more: BackBlaze. Specifically, BackBlaze Mobile for Android is an app that allows a user to access their computers that are backed up the blaze account, and can locate complete hard drives on both connected Macs and PCs. Since files are organized in the app, the same as the connected hard drives, files are easy to find; plus, you can search by file name or by extension, as well as download as many as you want. Once the file is downloaded, you can interact with it as long as you have a corresponding app. With the appropriate apps, once you have the files you want, you can share them. But, remember BackBlaze Mobile is only an access application, not a backup app. The backup comes from your $5/month account on the computers to be backed up.

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