Company Profile

Creating Biotechnology Solutions
Who is SemBioSys
SemBioSys Genetics Inc. is a plant biotechnology company with a powerful technology that enables production of high-value pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical products in an affordable and sustainable manner.

What SemBioSys Does
At SemBioSys we’re changing the way pharmaceuticals, nutritional oils and agricultural products are produced.

Our plant technology allows us to provide a cost-effective production solution for drugs needed in large quantities due to the number of people affected by disease and/or high dosage requirements.

We are currently working on solutions that target diabetes (insulin) and cardiovascular disease (Apo AI and Apo AIMilano).

We are also applying this same technology to develop products for the skin care market, as well as nutritional supplements and agricultural biotechnology products.

SemBioSys’ Vision
Our goal is to be part of a global solution for affordable healthcare by becoming a leader in the development of cost-effective and sustainable pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical products.