Everything you need to know about cancer curing tea


Cancer has become a widespread epidemic today, people are spending tons on the treatment of cancer. Nothing proves to be as effective as the Essiac tea. This tea is known to have many medicinal properties. This plant has a been used by North American healers as it has been known to have anti-cancer properties.

This tea plant has been known to have originated from Ojibwa Indians’, they named it the “Tea of Life “. According to an ancient story, Rene Caisse, a Canadian Nurse obtained the information about this tea from an English woman, who got cured of breast cancer by the amazing tea. Between the years 1922 to 1978, she worked tirelessly and helped many patients to cure their cancer in her clinic in Ontario. And also, she refused any payments from individuals.

Later she worked with Dr. Frederick Banting of the Banting Institute, banting was famous for the discovery of insulin. He claimed that Essiac is one of more beneficial treatments for cancer than anything in the world.

essiac tea

Essiac tea in the modern world 

Today this Essiac tea has been further developed and many healthy ingredients are added to it along with the original formulae. Today the ingredients used are Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel, Slippery Elm, and Indian Rhubarb Root.

Burdock Root: This has blood purifying properties and known to have to remove toxins from the body through the respiratory and urinary system.

Sheep Sorrel: A better immune booster than this hasn’t been found till date. Also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. This is a very powerful herb against cancer.

Slippery Elm: Also known as the inner bark is known to have healing properties for the soothing gut. Basically, containing a polysaccharide that has the ability to turn into a gel when mixed with water. Not only for cancer, but this is also known to have healing properties for sore-throats, diarrhea, calming the bowel system.

Indian Rhubarb Root: This is also called the “Turkish Rhubarb”. Emodin, a-anti tumor agent is the main component of this medicinal herb.

When these four components are combined together with Essiac tea, they create an elixir that destroys the growth of parasites, viruses, and bacteria that enhance the immune system and reduces the chances of a tumor. Other than that, it also detoxifies kidneys and liver.

Under what conditions should you avoid the Essiac tea: 

Although it is a powerhouse of healing, there are certain conditions, it must be avoided. Also, it must be taken under expert’s advice as it must be dried and prepared well. It must be avoided under

  • Pregnancy, or nursing a baby
  • Trying to conceive
  • Child under 12 years of age
  • The high amount of iron content in the blood
  • Kidney disease or ulcer
  • Brain tumor


Though Essiac tea is known to have many medicinal and herbal properties it must be consumed under expert’s advice. Also, the U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) hasn’t approved it. Till date, Essiac tea is considered in the list of new drugs that haven’t been considered safe. If you want to consider this as an option for treating cancer, you must consider talking to your doctor.