Measures that ensure a healthy pregnancy period for the mother and child

pregnancy-2Pregnant women are a category of people who are very sensitive when it comes to health matters. This is a category of people which needs special kinds of nutrients that will help them sustain healthy bodies while at the same time ensuring that the growing child is also getting the right nutrition. Many times the nutrients needed by the pregnant woman are not similar to what the fetus needs and so the mother has to seek other avenues of getting these extra nutrients.

When a woman is pregnant, she for example needs to eat sufficient proteins to help the baby to grow. The mother also needs to eat minerals including foods rich in calcium which are good for the healthy development of strong bones for the baby. The baby also needs to generate and build up blood. The mother will need to find foods that are rich in iron which is important in blood formation.

There are other foods which are important for the mother including many kinds of vitamins which are essential for certain chemical reactions and body functions. Finding the right amount of the right vitamins is usually a tough challenge, this is especially for special vitamins that are not found in the easily available foods. As such, the pregnant woman should seek to buy supplementary vitamins.

A common vital supplementary vitamin that pregnant women are always encouraged to take is prenatal organic vitamins that are rich in dha. DHA is a crucial fatty acid that is important for the growth of the baby’s nervous system and in the development of the brain. It is also important in the development of the child’s eyes. Apart from these functions, dha is also good in helping the mother’s mental state.

Pregnant women need to realize that during the time when they are pregnant that anything they eat or substances that they expose themselves to are likely to affect their developing child. As such, pregnant women are encouraged to stay away from all harmful substances such as drugs and alcohol. Cigarettes are also very dangerous for the growing child since it causes stunted development and it might have negative effects that will be persistent in the child even after birth.

During pregnancy, the mother is encouraged to keep exercising. Physical exercise helps the pregnant woman in many ways. Physical exercise helps the heart to beat faster to pump blood faster and more effectively therefore exercise helps improve the blood flow in the mother and in the child. A healthy blood flow is important in ensuring that nutrients are effectively supplied around the mother’s and the child’s body.

Physical workout also help make the heart stronger for the child and the mother. It also helps reduce heart and other cardiovascular complications. Physical exercises also help the mother to have an easier time during child birth.

The pregnant woman should not engage in very strenuous physical exercises. A good example of a safe work out appliance for pregnant women is the indoor rowing machine. The pregnant woman should however get guidance from an obstetrician on how to use the indoor rowing machine.

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