Our Technology

Additional Applications of Our Technology

Due to the flexibility of our plant technology, a wide range of potential applications exist. We have chosen to work on products for which the inherent benefits of our technology, including scalability and economics, enable them to be commercially viable. The following non-pharmaceutical products have shorter development times than our pharmaceutical products and have the potential to enhance our financial position as we pursue our pharmaceutical products.

Nutritional Oils

Nutrition and healthy eating are hot topics and products supplemented with essential fatty acids are popping up everywhere. SemBioSys is developing safflower oil rich in the omega-6 fatty acid, Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), and the omega-3 fatty acid Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA). As nutrients with proven health benefits, GLA and DHA are currently used as supplements, food ingredients and animal feed additives.

Agricultural Biotechnology

There are many opportunities to apply our technology in the field of agricultural biotechnology. These include the areas of animal vaccines, aquaculture, and industrial enzymes.

Animal Vaccines

The animal health industry must continually develop effective treatments, typically vaccines, to prevent economic losses due to disease. SemBioSys is applying its technology to facilitate the production, purification, and delivery of animal vaccine formulations. Our technology can be applied to the development of alternate vaccination routes (nasal, oral or transdermal) and may improve the presentation and immunological response to antigens when administered to animals.


The aquaculture industry is a highly competitive market characterized by high-density production which makes it susceptible to disease. Producers are continually searching for new ways to improve their economics, increase growth rates and reduce the impact of disease, which can wipe out an entire region’s production in one season.

SemBioSys has developed ImmunoSphere™, a feed additive that enhances survival against viral disease. We believe ImmunoSphere™ can offer producers enhanced yield and production economics at a substantially reduced cost. Because aquaculture is a mainstay in countries such as Mexico and Equador, ImmunoSphere™ has potential socio-economic benefits.

Industrial Enzymes

SemBioSys has developed safflower-produced chymosin (also called rennin), a natural enzyme used in the production of cheese. We have also developed an extraction process that we believe will allow for the production of chymosin in plants at significantly lower costs than current production systems.