SemBioSys Products and Technology

Our plant technology can be applied to a wide variety of product opportunities – including pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical.

Due to the inherent scalability and economic advantages of plants compared to existing production methods, our technology enables the production of pharmaceuticals otherwise constrained by cost and capacity barriers. In this way, our technology can provide global access to life-saving therapies.

Our current pharmaceutical product candidates include insulin for diabetes and Apo AI and Apo AIMilano for cardiovascular disease.

The same advantages that drive our pharmaceutical opportunities also apply to our non-pharmaceutical products, which include topical ingredients that are delivering innovation and value for personal care producers, nutritional oils (omega fatty acids) for use in a variety of consumer goods, and applications for agricultural biotechnology.

Our initial personal care products are already on the market and performing well. As our non-pharmaceutical products continue to generate revenue they will help support our financial position and the development of our pharmaceutical products.

As our pharmaceutical products become partnered, we will work towards identifying new products for our pipeline.