Reviewing my husband’s last year horrific car accident and his road to recovery

accidentLast year my husband was involved in a freak road crash where his car was involved in a pile up on the highway. His car was the first to smash into two cars that had crashed and a few other cars came in and piled into his car. The accident was a major story due to the numerous casualties but my husband was lucky to survive albeit with several injuries and broken bones.

Quick action from a fast rescue medical team had helped save his life. As a result of the accident he had suffered from some internal hemorrhage. Luckily none of his vital organs had suffered any critical damage. After being admitted at the hospital, my husband receive intensive care for a few weeks from doctors who stayed close to him.

After four weeks he was well healed and on his way to regaining his strength but he was still bedridden because his bones were still not fully healed. The ribs were well on their way but his broken leg would take some time. His broken leg was put in a cast which limited its movement and also allowed him to manage his movement better. At the end of the four weeks he could move around using crutches.

By this time my husband was sick of the hospital environment and he asked to be released to recover from home. The hospital staff was reluctant to let him go but after promising them that I would take great care of him, they consented. However, I was to keep close contact with the doctor who I could also call to come to our house in case my husband’s condition became worse.

I was given the necessary medication necessary for his healing process, medication for relieving pain, supplementary nutrients, and vitamins to help his brain and mental functions – which were affected by a concussion he suffered during the accident. He had suffered some memory loss and he had also had instances of poor mental focus and the doctors had put him on some vitamins to help with this. When he was being released he was well recovered from the concussion and its effects but it was important that he finished his dosage.

Apart from being given the numerous bottles and boxes of medication, I was also given a sheet with clear instructions of how I was to administer each medication. I was also given instructions on the kinds of foods that I needed to feed him on. I was also instructed on the signs to look out for to help me know whether my husband’s condition was improving or not.

I was instructed on ensuring that my husband did light physical exercises and I was to ensure that he went out the house every now and then. The exercise was vital in helping him recover faster and help him gain physical strength. He could obviously not use our home indoor rowing machine due to his broken leg but I was told that once the cast was removed he could start working out on the rowing machine albeit with the appliance set at very low intensity.

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