Security Back Up for Mac

mac-file-backup-700x466With new computer technology becoming more popular, especially when it comes to data capacity, it has become crucial for computer users to ensure that their data is safe and reliable. Given that the computer was only introduced to the general public in 1980, after almost 40 years, we now have technology like realistic graphics and terabyte hard drives. Even more popular is the fact that large bard drives have overtaken thumb drives as the preferred file transfer method, but nothing is more amazing as the introduction of the Cloud virtualization storage technology.

In late February, Apple confirmed a major security flaw found in the iPhone and iPad iOS (OS means operating system), and in the Mac’s OS X (tenth version operating system). This particular flaw is caused when the iOS’s browser engine and many Apple’s Mac applications skip the critical verification check on unsecured Wi-Fi networks, like those in a coffee shape. The company was quick to fix the problem.  It is interesting to note that Windows’ vulnerabilities come from third party software like Office macros, Adobe reader and Flash, as well as Oracle’s Java. OS X malware comes from tricking the user into installing a malicious application that appears harmless or necessary.

Though it should be remembered that as Apple’s market share grows – and so will the number of attacks on the system – OS X has been currently made safer due to several improvements made amongst its defenses in recent years. Such improvements include the following, including new memory techniques and improved security defaults, which is a good thing since most users never bother to change their system defaults. These defaults now include an automatic installation of system updates.

There has been the addition of a Gatekeeper, which is a feature of the OS X Lion 10.7.5 which continuously builds on the OS X’s existing malware checks to protect the Macs from problematic apps and malware downloaded from the internet. FileVault2 is an easy-to-use disk encryption system that allows for key escrow in corporate systems. The OS X attempts to minimize the use of applications such as Java and other common attack vectors. Lastly, it utilizes the same APIs as in the Ios7 for remote configuration and system management which was a process, started in OS X Mountain Lion and was greatly enhanced in the OS X Mavericks.

Backup has become increasingly important, which is why people have been using CrashPlan as an online backup method. But although it can be very effective, CrashPlan has a few vulnerabilities. One of them is the fact that there is no search available of a backup set. There is also no Windows Explorer integration and no file sharing or mobile apps.

When it comes to security, it’s difficult to say whether Mac systems are more or less prone to security vulnerabilities, but one thing is certain – you need a reliable backup plan for your valuable information as you never know when you might lose your data.

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