Unlocking the Power of Nature to Create a Technology for Better Health.

Dr. Maurice Moloney, Chief Scientific Officer and Founder of SemBioSys, developed our plant technology. This technology is based on the unique properties of oilbodies, the structures used by seeds to store oil.

Our technology (StratosomeTM Biologic System) is built on two basic capabilities: the use of genetic engineering to attach high-value proteins to oilbodies; and extraction of oilbodies from seeds in a cost-effective manner.

We have chosen safflower as our commercial plant variety. Through genetic manipulation (transgenic), or physical manipulation (non-transgenic) of safflower oilbodies, SemBioSys is able to capitalize on the scalability and economic advantages of plants to produce a wide variety of products such as human pharmaceuticals, personal care ingredients, nutritional oils and agricultural biotechnology products.

For the production of high-value proteins, we believe that our plant technology is unique among transgenic systems as it addresses both production and purification challenges. Because of this, SemBioSys’ technology creates a cost-effective solution for the production of pharmaceuticals that are required in large quantities due to the number of people affected by the disease and/or high dosage requirements.

Our technology is protected by an extensive intellectual property portfolio. We have over 160 patents issued in Canada, the U.S. and Europe and have over 140 patents pending. For further information regarding the scientific basis and patent protection of our technology see our Patents and Scientific Publications page.

Why Safflower?

  • Safflower is a highly productive oilseed crop whose seed can be stored for extended periods of time
  • Safflower is a low acreage crop, so it can be easily separated from other safflower production
  • Safflower is predominantly self-pollinating and has no weedy relatives
  • SemBioSys has secured significant patent protection for the use of safflower in protein production