Turning to nutrient supplements to stay beautiful… focus on hair nutrients

stay-beautifulI am very keen on my physical appearance. I am always working out using my home rowing machine to achieve the perfect figure and I am always careful to eat the right foods that will not make me fat. Apart from looking out for my figure, I also keen about my face and my skin. I try to use organic face creams to keep my face smooth and I have also started taking nutrient supplements to help keep my skin supple.

I have also started taking nutrient supplements to help keep my hair beautiful. Here are some of the nutrients that are good for hair:


It is a vitamin of b-complex type which is also known as vitamin H and is largely preferred by those who wish to boost growth of hair. It prevents hair breakage by improving the overall elasticity of a person’s hair. Other than assisting in Keratin production, it is also known to slow the rate graying of the hair. Lentils, green peas and brown rice are some of the foods that contain biotin but it can also be taken through supplements. Some of the signs that point to deficiency in biotin includes lose of eyebrows, conjunctivitis, depression and general lose of hair.

Vitamin A

Their antioxidant quality has huge health benefits to the eyes. However, vitamin A is also important during the production of an oil textured substance produced by the scalp which prevents breakage of the hair by keeping the scalp and the hair oily. Foods that contain Vitamin A include krill oil, cod liver oil and some vegetables like spinach. However, it is important to note that excessive consumption of vitamin A can lead to some illnesses and can also lead to loss of hair.

Pantothenic acid

Pantothenic acid is known to assist in synthesizing of fats and proteins which are essential in the repair of the outer layer of hair. Also known as Vitamin B5, it prevents graying of hair due to aging and also reduces loss of hair. It strengthens follicles of the hair hence making it stronger and healthier. Whole grains and eggs are some of the best sources of vitamin B5. It’s more beneficial to the hair when consumed rather than oral application

Vitamin D

Although it’s not the primary nutrient important for growth of hair, vitamin D enhances growth of hair and is also an integral nutrient of stem cell procedures in hair treatment. Daily consumption of vitamin D is recommended with fish, mushrooms and fortified low fat milk being some of the food that contains vitamin D.

Vitamin E

It ensures growth of healthy and strong hair by repairing hair follicles that might be damaged since it’s an antioxidant. It reduces the rate of hair graying and also gives the hair a shiny glow from the conditioning. Vitamin E, when mixed with other ingredients like olive, hemp oil and jojoba can be used to restore lifeless and dull split ends of the hair. Split ends are mainly as a result of consistent use of hair dyes and hot equipment on hair. Soybeans, wheat germ oil and nuts are just some of the food that contains high levels of vitamin E.

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